I love what I do!

I often hear that “One image say more than thousand of words”… well, it is only one side of  huge 360º view, Isn’t it? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I grew up in the middle of Burda magazines, photographies, movies, fashion design (fabrics, colors, textures), craft items, musical instruments… I have a nice memory of my childhood where creativity was a day-to-day, enjoying with my sisters, singing, sewing clothes for us and Barbies, making jewelry and furniture, designing fashion books, taking photos, writing, collecting candy packets, recording a home Radio program, and painting over walls or under the dinner table! YES!! every corner is a canvas where to express what you feel 🙂 Anyway, There were no time to get bored!

Later on I studied Graphic Design in Venezuela and have done Master degrees in Business Communication and Interactive Relationship Marketing in Barcelona, looking for the meeting point between creative and business world, in order to connect with customers language and to express them concepts/ideas that represent their brand.

As an ecliptic person I have had the luck and opportunity to work as Art Director and Graphic Designer with several international known brands in advertising agencies and for entrepreneurs in Munich and Barcelona; designing campaigns, strategies and final artwork for both print and digital media.

For me each project is something unique from which to learn and let fly my creativity, being surrounded by talented people who complement the magic of design.

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Why choose me?

Just because for me there is no two equal business!

Every brand, idea or project is unique, with a huge ocean of possibilities to be explored, to be creative, make it different and to get your own happiness.

I’m updating about programs and technology as well as look to work with people who love what they do and likes to get involved on each project offering fresh tools to enrich the result.

More about me

Who I am

Carolina Pinilla, a Graphic designer with many years of expertise in graphic design, advertising, photography and marketing.

What I do

With passion and inventiveness I am able to skillfully create concepts, ideas, mockups, design, strategies and final artwork for both print and digital media.

Why I do it

Through design I find the way not to be boring in life…
Since child, the seeds of creativity, art, photography, music and writing have been inside me and they blossom all the time when they get in touch with my curiosity bug.

Where I do it

Here, there and anywhere. Luckily my mind is whole day into searching mode ON and great concepts arrives, most of the time, from unexpected places.


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