Open Quarantine

Open Quarantine
Client EOIBD
Agency Contest
Year 2011

Open Quarantine.

Winner Poster Contest for cultural conference to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the EOIDB.

In order to celebrate 40 years of the Official Language School – Barcelona Drassanes, the poster contest titled “Open Quarantine” was organized.

I took the definition of Quarantine to develop the idea that language can be like a curative drug for people seeking to learn more about a culture. Just like a medicine can help a person in Quarantine to get re-integrated into society, learning a new language can be a gateway for people to enter a new culture and country. The ampoule with the languages’ medicine is open suggesting that one is ready to Open Quarantine.

The concept and design were used on posters, flyers, brochures, online banners and digital presentations, which were used to publicize the event.

Photo shoot, photo retouching and photomontage by C. Pinilla.

August 29, 2018