Creative ideas sell

Creative ideas sell
Client Circulo Creativo de Venezuela
Agency Contest
Year 2006

Creative ideas sell,
bet for them

2nd Prize winner in the “Young Creative” Contest organized by the Creative Circle of Venezuela to represent Venezuela at the Cannes Advertising Awards, 2006.

The contest required us to address the issue of “How to sell a product?”

My idea for the poster: How to sell an air conditioner to an Eskimo? At the North Pole cold air is not needed, but the hot air coming out of the rear of the Air conditioner is useful!

The broader concept underlying the idea was that in an advertisement, the important thing is not (only) that a product is new in the market, but that it is able to attract new customers. Especially, how can I create the desire in a customer for my product when the normal use to which a product is put is not one that attracts him? The poster won 2nd place in the contest.

December 29, 2016